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Industrial design is the most important in product development that includes many steps to take. However, in this article I just want to talk two topics about industrial design.

Industrial design is not only the appearance design of products, but also graphic design, advertising design, etc. Industrial design focuses on products and combines theory with practice, which is the soul of enterprise development and innovation. With the rapid development of the economy, products are also developing rapidly. With the continuous development of products, industrial design receives more and more attention. The reason why industrial design has received so much attention is mainly because its role and importance in this industry are expanding. Where is the importance of industrial design?

Liantuo Technology believes that the development of industrial design is significant, and its importance can be expanded from the following points:

1. Reduce material consumption and cost: scientific and reasonable industrial design will reduce material consumption, improve the overall beauty of the product, and reduce the cost of the product;

Reducing the manufacturing cost is also important but easy to be ignored. We all know that the goal of product development is to win the market. How much we save in manufacturing means more profit we will get. That is why we need to design a product that can be easily and economically manufactured. The importance of designing for manufacturing is underlined by the fact that about 70% of manufacturing costs of a product (cost of materials, processing, and assembly) are determined by design decisions with production decisions (such as process planning or machine tool selection).

The great benefit of Design for Manufacturing is particularly to reduce cost of a product during mass producing, reduce mistake by operators, diminishing time to produce by removing useless extra activity and designing product or some of their sub-parts adequately to those optimization guidelines.

2. It is the primary means to enhance the value of enterprises’ products. Industrial design plays a decisive role in product development and innovation;

3. It can meet the personalized requirements of consumers and bring creativity and innovation to products. Because everyone has different vision, new products need to meet people’s personalized needs. Industrial design plays an important role in many personalized and high-end products;

Making a industrial product looks good is important to marketing. Especially sell them on Amazon or other platforms. Sometimes, a pretty picture means everything to consumers. That’s right, so we always want to let the greatest designer to draw many sketches and select the most beautiful one we think, which is a way to win the market. However, is that enough? or there are something else to take into consideration? Yes!

4. Combined with computer technology, the market competitiveness of enterprises has been improved continuously, and the market pattern of enterprises has been opened.

The initial stage of industrial design is in the exploration stage, the industrial level is relatively backward, and the development is not sound. With the rapid development of society and science and technology, China has combined industrial production and industrial design, adopted advanced concepts, let the two develop each other, and applied computer technology, constantly absorbing new design concepts, and increased the emphasis on humanity and environmental protection.

Industrial design plays a key role in the development of economy. We should continue to carry out the innovation of industrial design products and pay attention to the application of computer technology, Internet of Things technology and other technologies. In the era of rapid development of computer technology, industrialization will develop towards intelligence, digitalization and networking. On the basis of the current industrial products, we should combine them with the traditional Chinese culture, cultivate excellent compound talents, realize the innovation of industrial design, create independent brands of enterprises, and face the challenges of economic globalization; At the same time, we should improve the ability of industrial design, so that enterprises are in an advantageous position in the market competition, so as to promote the rapid development of China’s industry