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We Take All Steps to Bring Your Product Concept to Manufacturing

Looking for an injection molding supplier? We can be your partner to take your company’s design, concept and manufacturing to the next level? LT Industry Limited located in Shenzhen China is a full-service custom plastic product facility, and injection molding is one of our main business. Our goal is to be your partner. From design to manufacture, taking part in every step to produce your product. we can take your concept from sketch to reality and put it into your customers’ hands. Let’s find out how we can help you?

Product Development

From simple sketches to fully realized CADCAM designs, our team of technical designers and engineers will help you prepare your component for the molding process.

Whether your product is still just a concept, an improvement on an existing product or part, or it is currently being produced but you are working with multiple vendors from design to distribution, we are here to streamline the process for you.

The Vital Role In The Injection Molding Process

The mass production of injection molded parts is efficient, cost-saving, and applicable to a variety of industries driven by consumer and industrial demand.

Unlike Vacuum Casting, the biggest benefits of injection mold is its large-scale product output as it has been universally known. In order to make sure your projects would be successful, there are some crucial considerations regarding the process that mass producers, designers, and consumers should all understand. Let’s keep looking the below.

Optimizing Plastic Part Design for Injection Molding

Some customers may don’t understand the rules of injection molding. Here are the 3D parts we once received from customers.

Optimizing part design is a vital step before molding. The common defects of injection molding is shrink mark due to the molding shrinkage at thick walls.

DFM Report

Design for Manufacturing or Design for Manufacturability (DFM) is the optimization of a part, product, or component’s design, to create it cheaper and more easily. DFM involves efficiently designing or engineering an object, generally during the product design stage, when it is easier and less expensive to do so, to reduce manufacturing costs. This allows a manufacturer to identify and prevent mistakes or discrepancies.

As we know the importance of the DFM Report, we will make  it and discuss with customers, finding the best way to manufacture.

What kind of Services We Can Help in Injection Molding

Why we are different

Product Development Service

Come customers want to make product but only have the concept about what they want. No worry, our R&D department are here to help you, discussing with you to transform your ideas into reality.

At LT Industry Limited, we believe the value of partnerships is vital to success, and reinforces our motto of “Your Concept, Our Expertise, One Partnership”. Collaborating with our customers is what drives us, ensuring your product is the optimal design, and made with the best material at the lowest possible price.

Optimization of The Parts Before Injection Molding

Optimizing parts for a unique application is a necessary aspect of the DFM process, with collaboration being critical when optimizing any plastic component. Before finalizing the design of a plastic component, there are several considerations to make, and DFM allows everybody in the production process to weigh in on what would be best for the part in question. The type of resin material used for the component is critical since different plastic types offer distinct qualities, such as chemical resistance, strength, moisture resistance, and heat resistance. Material shrinkage, the draft angle of the mold, the uniformity of the wall thickness, and even the surface finish are all essential elements to consider during the DFM process.

They Way to Cost-effectiveness

Cost-effectiveness is one of the main concerns customers have when starting the manufacturing process of a new plastic component; however, optimizing the part design from the beginning allows for more controlled costs, avoiding costly part and tooling redesigns late in the process. Figuring out a component design can be tricky due to the increasing complexity of plastic injection molded parts in general: as components grow more complex, the part and tooling prices tend to increase.

By adding consideration to all aspects of the molding process, design for manufacturing can help identify areas where the customer can save money in the long-run by optimizing the part design, ultimately reducing costs.

DFM at Our Company

Specific reports can help lowdown cost and prevent many mistakes that may happen in the future. Some mistake in injection molding may be a big problem.

When working with our customers on each project, we present a comprehensive DFM report, including mold-flow analysis, quality prediction analysis, and a tool design review. Before moving forward with the tooling process, we collaborate with the customer to examine and review each of the critical areas identified in the DFM report, the part design and material required, mold construction material, and the quantities of parts required, which all factor in the final mold design. Upon completion of the DFM process and mold design review, the final customer’s approval is required before fabrication of the injection mold tooling begins, ensuring that our company has taken into consideration all critical aspects of the project and incorporated the critical elements into the final design.