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Sheet Metal Fabrication and Design

Sheet metal fabrication services are an inexpensive option for your manufacturing needs. We design your parts and offer custom sheet metal fabrication with machines that precisely cut, stamp, and form metal sheets into a completed part. Sheet metal fabrication allows for the production of a variety of part types, both simple and complex.

Sheet Metal Design

Our experienced design staff can design your enclosure for you, starting from anything from a rough description, to components and circuit boards. Customers use our Design Services when they’re too busy to take on the design work themselves, and wish to free up staff for other tasks, or who simply lack the resources or know-how required to design their enclosure. Our design staff’s speed and experience make our design services surprisingly cost effective, and you may save further time because their intimate knowledge of Protocase’s manufacturing capabilities virtually eliminates non-manufacturable features and resultant revision

Sheet Metal Laser Cutting

Sheet metal laser cutting combines clean edge finishing free of distortions, high repeatability, and fast production. We offer 2D and 3D cutting options for engraving, rapid prototyping, and manufacturing applications.

Sheet Metal Stamping


Sheet metal stamping is also known as pressing and involves placing a flat sheet into a press. This is a high volume, low-cost, and fast process for producing identical parts. Sheet metal stamping can also be performed in conjunction with other metal shaping operations for easy manufacturing. 


Sheet metal bending forms metal into a curved form such as U, V, L offset bending, edge bending, roll bending, and channel bending. This is one of the most common processes of sheet metal fabrication.

The Other Sheet Metal Fabrication Technologies We offer


Sheet metal punching involves punching out a predetermined shape in a piece of sheet metal. The end product is a metal that is left behind.


Sheet metal plasma cutting is ideal for metal blocks thicker than one inch. Plasma metal cutting is faster and more precise than with a laser at these sizes, which then translates to cost savings.

Sheet Metal Robotic Welding

Metal robotic welding is becoming a faster way to join metal than traditional welding done by an individual. There are a variety of different robotic welding methods such as arc, resistance, spot, TIG, laser, and plasma welding, all with different applications.

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