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Your company can save both time and money in manufacturing if you choose rapid prototyping during the development phase. The right 3D printing method can bring down the cost of your entire manufacturing process. A reliable provider of quality prototyping services can help you make the most out of this technology.

How Do You Save Money?

In the design phase, 3D printing allows you to develop your production-intent design without the investment in full production costs. In the production phase, some 3D printing may allow you to produce parts at lower costs while improving the quality of your products. You can make lightweight items and create a design that is specialized for your specific product line or customized for each customer.

Reducing Your Investment in Tooling

With 3D printing, you can rethink the manufacturing process and improve your supply chain. For example, you may be able to forego traditional tool manufacturing by implementing rapid prototyping for certain parts while maintaining the performance and appearance desired. Some 3D printing processes allow the manufacture of assemblies instead of individual parts, reducing assembly time. Larger parts may be printed or machined in one piece, eliminating the need for gluing or other assembly approaches and improving the strength and appearance of the item.

Using Rapid Prototype Machining

Traditional injection molding takes substantial time to build the mold that will be used to manufacture the parts. There are often several iterations of optimizing the tool design before the final parts meet your production quality needs.

But with 3D printing, you may be able to start manufacturing parts directly from your CAD design. The time and cost saved by skipping the process of building an injection mold can make rapid prototype machining and other 3D approaches cost-competitive.

Design Optimization

With 3D printing, you can optimize the design without significant costs involved in traditional development processes. Once a final design is selected, the model can be optimized for the printing process to get the appearance desired and maximize the speed and quantity of parts produced. And when you have an efficient design, you can save more money.

Even if you want to create an elaborate design, 3D prototyping services can help you do that. Beginning with the CAD data, you can optimize the design to use the minimum amount of material. For instance, you might choose to use a honeycomb or lattice design to reduce the weight and cost of manufacturing the piece. These techniques are much more complex to achieve with traditional approaches like injection molding.

Turn to the Best Rapid Prototyping Manufacturing Company

Optimizing your process and reducing your costs are easily achievable when you choose 3D rapid prototype machining. If you want to work with company with years of experience in creative solutions to manufacturing problems, reach out to Global Technology Ventures Inc. today.